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Footloose Dance Instructors

Carole Savoy

Carol Savoy Tap Instructor

Carole Savoy - Director, Tap Instructor

Carole Savoy is now in her 32th year of teaching dance in Sonoma County. She has extensive training in jazz and tap dance. She also taught pre-ballet for 10 years. She studied jazz for many years with Rec Russel, Alan Scofield and Lee Hudson. Her many tap mentors include Steve Condos, Brenda Bufalino, Dianne Walker and Cholly Atkins.

Sara Maria

Sara Maria- flamenco instructor and performer

Sara Maria, Flamenco instructor & performer

Saraʼs lifelong passion for dance was ignited at age three after seeing “Swan Lake Ballet” at the San Francisco Opera House. She began studying with San Francisco Ballet and performed just four years later in their annual production of ʻThe Nutcrackerʼ. After a family trip to Spain, Sara became captivated by flamenco. The talented Sara was a founding partner and inspiring member of a Santa Rosa based Flamenco dance troupe and continues to hone her artistry with the critically acclaimed Theater Flamenco Director, Carola Zertuche and local flamenca, Melissa Cruz. Visit her website for her performance schedule.

Carley Herrera

Carley Herrera, Hip-Hop Instructor

Carley Herrera, Jazz Dance

Carley Herrera has been a dancer/performer for 20+ years and a teacher for over 6 years. Carley’s dance background is mainly in jazz. She has won national titles herself and choreographed award winning pieces for her dancers. In her classes, she focuses on teaching the basics first and spicing it up once that basics have been mastered. Once you learn the basics you can master anything! Classes are always structured in a way that allows students self expression and exploration within movement. If you’re looking for fun energy and creativity come dance with us! Email:

Kathy Wolf

Kathy Wolf Belly Dance Instructor

Kathy Wolf, Belly Dance Instructor

Kathy Wolf has been a belly dancer for 20 years. She teaches authentic Egyptian style belly dance and some modern Arabic and fusion. Kathy is an excellent zill (finger cymbal) player which she teaches in class, as well as veil, cane, and sword balancing. As an event producer and popular Northern California performer, she offers many opportunities for students to perform as well.